Are you REALLY living your best life… whatever that means to you? What’s your next step?

Hi!Amy Walton Life Coach

I’m Amy.

I’m a mother, a grandmother, certified life coach, and a fitness buff.

And I am a wonderfully made creation of God to Whom I give thanks everyday.

My passion-besides God and my family- is helping women live with balance, joy, and purpose!

I love working with women to grow their Christian faith, develop healthier lifestyles, increase their self-confidence, and redefine or discover their purpose in life! My personal opinion is we have one life-THIS one we are currently living-and we should live it to its fullest.

No, I don’t recommend my clients go skydiving, dye their hair blue, or take the next train to Clarksville (Midlifers know what this is; millennials and under, Google it!). Hey, if that’s what they want, we’ll work together to make it happen,… except for that last train to Clarksville.

I have a professional resume  that includes years of teaching, writing, and leading. My personal resume includes a mess of stuff and life’s curveballs: Struggling with an eating disorder in my twenties;  working through the myth of perfection, being busy all the time, and certain insecurities (we all have them!); being the chief “project manager” and encourager when my husband was plowed down by a Mack truck; and waking up four years later to learn that he was lost at sea, leaving me alone to raise my little boys, Oh, and then there was that commandment (as in the Ten Commandments) I broke early in my widowhood that delayed my grief and made for a very messy and emotionally unstable few years. I am not proud of that one, not at all, but I have learned forgiveness of others- and especially of self- is healing. I thank God everyday for His forgiveness, protection, and provision.

I couldn’t have made it through my life without God as my Anchor, and these days, I seek to honor Him with my whole being and my God-given (and Amy-honed!) skills and talents.

I am STRONG. You are strong!

With me as your coach, you will have a multi-certified and encouraging partner on your journey. Together, with you as the leader (Yes, coaching is client driven, but I provide the tools and resources!), we can create a plan for you to thrive holistically, addressing all parts of your life and focusing on those areas where you really need some refining. I want you to live with balance, joy, and purpose!

You can view my current coaching packages here. I do offer a FREE 30-minute “Let’s Get to Know Each Other”  phone call to learn about you and your desires and for you to learn a little about me. You can schedule your call on my coaching page.



Random facts about me which you may or may not want to know!

  • I had all eight of my kids named by the time I was 11 years old when I just knew that then teen idol Donny Osmond would be my husband. I did not marry Donny, I have two sons, and their names aren’t the names of my fabricated children.
  • I am a magna cum laude graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I majored in education.
  • I developed chicken pox at age 24 during an outbreak of said virus at the school where I taught. It wasn’t pretty.
  • I hosted a TV show for four years. The coolest thing I did? Interviewing artists at a major nationally ranked fine art show. The most embarrassing moment? Reporting on a rabid raccoon that was seen in my city. That little report required about 15 retakes because yours truly couldn’t get through it without laughing. (And rabid raccoons are nothing to laugh about!).
  • I love worship, studying scripture, and sipping on a nice red wine. Crackling fires, rocking chairs, good books, nature, and long, vigorous walks nurture me, too.
  • For my 40th birthday, clad in pearls and my Eddie Bauer blazer, I went to a tattoo joint and got inked. I usually forget I have that tiny rosebud on my right shoulder.
  • My Daddy was a prisoner of war for nearly 4 years. He instilled in me the beautiful gifts of hope and serving the less fortunate.
  • My mother wrote me every Sunday night, starting my freshman year in college until I was 37 years old, when her lovely handwriting faded in the midst of dementia.
  • My older son is an Army officer with a beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters… objective, aren’t I?
  • My younger son is an Apple Genius and a musician/producer. He’s the best drummer around! My objectivity runs deep.
  • I once had a best friend named Chaz–my third “son”– who died two months prior to his 14th birthday. That’s a long life for a Dalmatian.
  • My late husband lost a leg in a near-fatal car accident four years into our marriage but went on to set athletic records– and even pushed himself in a wheelchair racer over 1300 miles up the East Coast.
  • I met my fiancé Earl at our company’s cafeteria salad bar many years ago. He likes to say I was reaching for the beets but scooped up his heart instead. Actually, I don’t like beets.
  • As a nonprofit professional, I raised millions of dollars, started funding initiatives, and even created a preschool program that still teaches little ones the importance and magic of art.
  • I love God. I love my family. I would love to work with you!

© Amy Walton Coaching