Are you REALLY living your best life… whatever that means to you? What’s your next step?

Hi!Amy Walton Life Coach

I’m Amy.

I’m a mother, a grandmother, certified life coach, and a fitness buff.

And I am a wonderfully made creation of God to Whom I give thanks everyday.

Here’s a little secret: When I was in high school and college, I didn’t really see children in my future. I was all about the career. Dirty diapers? No, thank you. All the extra money it would take to raise kids? Nope, not for me. All-night crying and constant noise in the house? Not for this only child. And quite honestly, due to issues that stemmed from my obsession with running, I didn’t know if I could have children.

God had other plans, though, and nine months and 17 days after saying “I do,” I became a mother. I also embraced my pregnancy as if it were the greatest project in my life… which it was! My entire existence and life forever changed and left me breathless when I first held that little boy my husband and I created. Just writing that sentence causes me to marvel at the wonder of it all.

Fast forward several years to a young widow with two little boys. Yes, that was me, and for over 15 years, I raised my sons by myself with a lot of support from family and friends.

Oh, and I never read a single book on how to parent, and I only took one workshop. I relied on God, my support network, and my own sense of self.

It wasn’t always easy. My sons and I dealt with grief, I battled some depression, and I had to face the inevitable “givens” that come with raising boys, such as their first time shaving (killed me!).

Like most women, I’ve worn a lot of hats as both a mother and woman: Soccer mom, PTA mom, football mom, stay-at-home mom, working mom, birthday party planning and sleepover host mom, community leader, road trip mom, department head, fundraiser, teacher, nine-to-fiver… oh, gosh, there are so many, many hats I have worn… just like you!

The mistakes I made? Well, they are countless; but they are also history, and I learned from them.

What did I do right? I’ll tell you that!

First and foremost, even in the middle of some really bad choices and trials, I have always praised and thanked God. I embraced motherhood with passion and joy. I have always made time for myself, whether it was working out or engaging in a personal growth experience like Toastmasters or women’s ministry. I have impacted the students I have taught, and I have raised a lot of money, primarily because I seem to have a gift for creating authentic relationships in business. I played with my sons, really played. Think rock climbing gyms and rollerblading and board games galore. I can count on one hand the number of times I missed any school or sporting event in which they were involved. And I mourned the end of bedtime stories when they each reached that age where it just wasn’t cool for mom to read to them.

Although I have to to tell you… reading some of the novels they were assigned in middle and high school was great fun for me. Nothing like talking about Atticus Finch over chicken pot pie. Don’t know Atticus? You’ll meet him when your child is in high school, if not sooner.

Some of my pain?

I know what it’s like to graduate from college with high honors while hiding an eating disorder. Magna cum laude and 83 lbs… that was me. I’ve sat in too many intensive care rooms holding the hands of loved ones. I’ve been so depressed at times that I have crumpled in a ball on the floor, sobbing, thinking I was a complete failure. I know the pain of feeling abandoned and unloved by someone I loved. On and on… the journey of life.

So, how have I overcome anxiety and the challenges of my life? 

The grace, forgiveness, and love of God. Period. 

My life has purpose, and so does yours!

I want you to THRIVE and to live your life with gusto. Embrace this gift of life with balance, with joy, and with purpose!

Trying to carve out that all-important “me” time in your life? Needing to rekindle the romance with your husband?  Feeling down because you are an educated woman whose greatest challenge most days is getting the laundry folded in time to help your daughter with her math homework? Tired of rushing out the door every morning without breakfast and dragging through the work day? Feeling guilty that you spend thirty minutes working out when you “should” be doing something that’s focused on everyone but you? Just can’t seem to forge those important relationships that are central to your job?

Oh, my dear, I have been in all of those situations, and I am here to help!  The many opportunities with which I have been blessed, along with the challenges I have faced, have brought me to this wonderful place of coaching women.

With me as your coach, you are going to have a multi-certified and  encouraging partner on your journey. Together, with you as the leader (Yes, coaching is client driven, but I provide the tools and resources!), we can create a plan for you to thrive holistically, focusing on those areas where you really need some refining. I can help you live with balance, joy, and purpose!

You can view my current coaching packages here. I do offer a FREE 30-minute phone consultation to learn about you and your desires and for you to learn a little about me.

Random facts about me which you may or may not want to know!

  • I had all eight of my kids named by the time I was 11 years old when I just knew that then teen idol Donny Osmond would be my husband. I did not marry Donny, I have two sons, and their names aren’t the names of my fabricated children.
  • I am a magna cum laude graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I majored in education.
  • I developed chicken pox at age 24 during an outbreak of said virus at the school where I taught. It wasn’t pretty.
  • I hosted a TV show for four years. The coolest thing I did? Interviewing artists at a major nationally ranked fine art show. The most embarrassing moment? Reporting on a rabid raccoon that was seen in my city. That little report required about 15 retakes because yours truly couldn’t get through it without laughing. (And rabid raccoons are nothing to laugh about!).
  • I love worship, studying scripture, and sipping on a nice red wine. Crackling fires, nature, and long, vigorous walks nurture me, too.
  • For my 40th birthday, clad in pearls and my Eddie Bauer blazer, I went to a tattoo joint and got inked. I usually forget I have that tiny rosebud on my right shoulder.
  • My Daddy was a prisoner of war for nearly 4 years. He instilled in me the beautiful gifts of hope and serving the less fortunate.
  • My mother wrote me every Sunday night, starting my freshman year in college until I was 37 years old, when her lovely handwriting faded in the midst of dementia.
  • My older son is an Army officer with a beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters… objective, aren’t I?
  • My younger son is an Apple Genius and a musician/producer. He’s the best drummer around! My objectivity runs deep.
  • I once had a best friend named Chaz–my third “son”– who died two months prior to his 14th birthday. That’s a long life for a Dalmatian.
  • My late husband lost a leg in a near-fatal car accident four years into our marriage but went on to set athletic records– and even pushed himself in a wheelchair racer over 1300 miles up the East Coast.
  • I met my fiancé Earl at our company’s cafeteria salad bar many years ago. He likes to say I was reaching for the beets but scooped up his heart instead. Actually, I don’t like beets.
  • As a nonprofit professional, I raised millions of dollars, started funding initiatives, and even created a preschool program that still teaches little ones the importance and magic of art.
  • I love God. I love my family. I would love to work with you!

© Amy Walton Coaching