Connecting with your group – authentically!

I welcome the opportunity to speak to your group whether that’s a small gathering, several hundred people or a private retreat. I speak regularly on several topics that are close my heart and with which I have real, tried-and-true experience but I can customize my presentation to address the needs and interests of your group – just reach out to me and ask!

My speaking style is familiar, down to earth and engaging (I also prefer yoga pants and sitting on the floor if that’s your group’s style!). I don’t want to just speak AT you; I want to speak WITH you.

So why would you want me to speak to your group?
In addition to a public speaking resume that includes years as a leader and speaker in Toastmasters International, a public speaking teacher and coach, a TV show host and a regional and national conference presenter, I also have a “life resume” that helps me connect with people who may be struggling or looking for encouragement. I made it through an eating disorder as a young woman. I was widowed at 33 and raised two sons as a single mother. I’ve made some poor choices in my life, but I have been able to learn and grow from those choices. I have always sought to live my life with purpose, all cloaked with the love and grace of God, and I truly believe that everyone is a unique and beautiful creation of a divine and loving God!

Upcoming Speaking Engagements
I am a guest panelist at the April 21 Tea Talk: Facing the Woman in the Mirror, presented by Simply Dee at Hub 757 in Suffolk Virginia. Please join us from 12-4pm in a beautiful setting, and wear your fine hats and pearls (faux pearls are totally cool!). We’ll connect and have candid, honest conversations about those many times women don’t feel like they are “enough.” You will leave this lovely event knowing you are, indeed, enough!


Whether your group is looking for inspiration, encouragement or impactful ways to change your life – I can help you get there! Here are just a few topics on which I currently speak, but please reach out to me about customizing a presentation to your needs.


From Fallen to Free: The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Feeling like you you simply can’t be forgiven by God for that awful thing you did? Struggling to forgive yourself or someone else? That’s how I felt after I made a choice that created a vortex of confusion, hurt, and instability in my life in the year following my husband’s accidental death.  I couldn’t fully grasp how God could forgive me for what I’d done and the hurt I’d caused others and myself. In this presentation, you will learn

  • Why we must forgive
  • Why forgiveness of others and self is critical for both our emotional and physical health
  • How to create a circle of healing forgiveness when you are broken
  • How to climb out of the sinkhole and shine anew!
  • How to move past unforgiveness and live joyfully
  • The importance and freedom of being happy for those who have hurt you

Praying Your Children Through Life

I am a firm believer that we should place our children in God’s hands each and every day of their lives. They ultimately belong to Him, anyway, not to us; but we have the responsibility and the privilege of praying them through their lives. In my many years as the only parent to two sons, I gave my sons to God every single day… even in my most rotten moments… and I keep giving! In this presentation, I will share with you

  • Scriptural truths about prayer
  • Meaningful rituals for praying for your children
  • Creative ways to pray with your children
  • How to build supportive networks to hold you up during the challenging times

Get Off Your Mat!: Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone Into Something New

What is your mat or mats? We all get in those comfort zones that prevent us from fully living out our callings or creating healthy lives. It can be downright scary to pick up a mat and walk, but that is what this presentation is all about: Picking up those mats and walking! Learn

  • How to identify and give voice to the “mats” in your life
  • Little steps to get off your mat and get moving
  • To walk forward with confidence and purpose


Public Speaking Made Simple: Become a More Polished Speaker in No Time!

Is your fear of public speaking preventing you from sharing your story or taking a leadership position to which you feel led? Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. In fact, most people would rather encounter a snake than speak in public. I am not one of those people! I’ll welcome a speaking engagement over a snake any day!

My philosophy is that most people don’t need to spend lots of money to become more confident and polished speakers. In this presentation, you’ll learn

  • Ten simple but effective tips to give better presentations
  • How to “own” your message
  • Free and inexpensive venues for growing your speaking skills
  • A checklist for creating online videos and Facebook Live videos

Watch What You Say to Yourself (and Others): Self-Love and the Impact of Words

We are the #1 hearer of our words. What words are you speaking to yourself and to other people? Are you using words of love?

Self-love should not be confused with being selfish or with narcissism. Self-love involves self-care and building some margin into your life to avoid stress and burnout. It also requires our speaking words of love and edification to and about others. In this presentation, learn to

  • Love yourself for who you are
  • Speak words of love and confidence to and about yourself, as well as to and about others
  • Create a simple plan to avoid indulging in workplace gossip and to speak from a place of love when talking to others
  • Five simple (and free!) strategies for self-care


An Authentic Life: Owning Our Stories to Create a Beautifully Rich Life

We are our stories-the good, the not-so-good, and the downright ugly. What parts of your life have you kept hidden? Are you living behind a mask, or are you truly living who you are? To live a truly beautiful and rich life (rich as in “meaningful”), women need to own their stories, using all parts of them to help them move on to the next chapter of their lives and to encourage others. In this presentation, learn to

  • Celebrate your accomplishments
  • Give voice to those parts of your life you’d rather leave in the closet
  • Chip away at the years of “coal” to reveal the diamond you are
  • Write identity statements
  • Stop caring or worrying about what others think

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