Recalibrate Your Life! A Personal Retreat Day Designed Just for You

Feeling like you need a day away, spending time in nature and “recalibrating” your life?

Women need to step back from time to time to get a clear bird’s eye view of their lives, and see where they need margin and soul-nourishment. Many clients have asked me questions such as “How do I put ‘me time’ in my hectic schedule?” and “What are some simple, but effective ways I can de-stress on a daily basis?”

My one-day personal retreats are custom-designed for each client. After an interview to determine your needs and how a retreat day looks to you, I create a one-day retreat for you (and, yes, I will be with you!) that might include walking on the beach, hiking in the woods, walking a labyrinth, and curling up in a cozy chair with a cup of tea. For those ladies with mobility challenges, I offer other options that don’t involve a lot of movement. Journaling and creative activities are factored in, as well. Of course, you must eat (!), so a healthy lunch and snacks with plenty of water and fresh juice are also provided. All materials, food, gift bag, and fees are included in the basic price with add-on options available, including hotel accommodations, if needed.

Schedule your personal retreat day today, so that you can unwind and create a plan that will give you “retreat time” everyday!


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