Coming September 25: I Am So Much More Than Social Media!

Social media has changed the way we communicate and live.

Oh, the competition we feel when we log onto Facebook! The feelings of inadequacy that surface. The “need” for “likes.”

In this age of social media, especially Facebook, women can feel “less than” and put pressure on themselves to get noticed and to compete. They may even start to live their lives according to Facebook, documenting every moment of what could be a nice romantic weekend, because they think everyone “should” know what they’re doing or wants to know what they’re doing.

NEWS FLASH: Most people don’t really think about what our self-centered selves are doing.

Living your life for and according to social media is no way to live!

Join me in this three-session Zoom class (live and online) where we’ll learn how to free ourselves from the trap of Facebook’s often negative effects. We’ll do fun but reflective activities to deal with those people that drive us a bit crazy on Facebook. We’ll learn to replace our need for “likes” with real life affirmations from real people. We’ll dig into the reasons we use Facebook and learn to achieve a healthy balance between real life and “reel life.”

Social media can be a great business tool and a wonderful way to connect and reconnect with others. It’s a terrific way to show off our grandchildren and to post pics of our latest adventure. It can also be a self-esteem killer if we let it.

The all-inclusive price for this 3-session online class includes materials, class access, a secret Facebook accountability group, and a follow-up class in early November.  Morning and evening sessions will be offered.

Questions? Email me at

Dates: September 25, October 2, and October 9
Times: 10am-11am (morning group) and 7pm-8pm (evening group)
Fee: $40

Registration deadline is

Morning Class Registration

Evening Class Registration



                             Fall Bible Studies to Fill Your Cup!

Virginia Beach gals!

Please join me and some really great women this fall for Bible study and making new friends. Fill your cup, and get grounded! I will be facilitating small groups at the following churches:

Church of the Holy Family
1279 N. Great Neck Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Starting date: September 26, 7pm
Please check back for the specific study!

Spring Branch Community Church
1500 N. Great Neck Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Dates: Every other Monday, from September 17-December 10, 6:45-8:45pm
This study will be on Psalm 23.